International Coffee Day Celebrated With Mens & Ladies T Shirt Range Prize Draw Launch
Posted by Lance Lovelady

International Coffee Day Celebrated With Mens & Ladies T Shirt Range Prize Draw Launch

International Coffee day is coming at the end of the month, combined with Steamdragons T Shirt range launch we decided to get involved in our own way. As lovers of single origin coffee and yes we are pedantic enough to have beans roasted on demand, we have also have decided to run a prize draw.

BTW - The Starbucks myth has been proven to be wildly inaccurate. For more details click here - Starbucksmyth

For the prize draw to take place you have to click on the link which will add you to the notification list. This will ensure you get updated easily about the prize draw. It also allows us to notify people easily through facebook messenger, who has been selected to win the prizes. The facebook messenger thing is new and pretty cool no?!

Prizes will be added and updated over the next coming weeks. New designs get released with the expanded t shirt range and more coffee related designs will be included.

Click on the link to take part --->

For more information keep and eye out on the facebook page by going to This will ensure you get updated as things develop with regards to coffee day and any updated designs and new products which get added to the store.

Why did we decide to get involved in International Coffee Day? We love good coffee. Apart from that single origin coffees are like good wines from specific vineyards. They have distinctive aromas, flavours and characteristics depending on the climate they grow in and the soil and local environment. Single origin coffees also means it comes direct from source and is most often directly supporting farmers who need it most.

Would I buy from a major coffee outlet? Only when I have to. I love coffee too much to buy a mass roasted poorly prepped coffee. I like smaller more personalised coffee shops and this means a growing business and increases peoples love of good coffee.

Make sure you like the facebook page, click the link to sign up to by commenting "coffeeday" you get added to the facebook notification group. Any questions just ask.

You also get a bonus store discount when you enter the prize draw.